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Monday, 6 February 2006

here kitty kitty kitty

i found out over the weekend that even chief diva and all-round inspiration MISS KITTIN, perfect that she is, occasionally suffers from the odd TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY. several of which have been documented on her new 'live' sesh from afternoon sonar 2005. i wasn't there for real, but i was at the event's 2003 counterpart, when kittin played an intense, revolutionary set, based on her radio caroline mix.

what makes her djing more than just record spinning is the vocals she adds to the records she plays, enhancing and reinterpreting everything from her own recordings to aphex twin's windowlicker... this is really bloody difficult, as she admits in the cd's sleevenotes, hence 'technical difficulties', but it makes her oh-so-special live when she gets it bang-on right as grazia would say.

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