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Saturday, 31 December 2005

part of the weekend never dies

2005 was (almost) all about token girl's lovelife. it had its ups (tabletop raves) and downs (mostly technical). but most of all we had the hottest tunes and best made up genres to describe them. we met lots of nice german people. we drank bad white wine. we showed films with girls weeing in. we played 4 hours of music in a row that had everything to do with madonna. and we still haven't run out of plays on the words 'love' and 'life' (send yours here).

thanks to everyone who's played their lovely records on a monday night... the pleasure was all mine... *bows*

bates/bjorn dow jones/datassette/
emilia strange/ironing maiden/kitty litter/kt/
lex pretend/mmmeltdown/dj problem/

what i will be playing at lovelife in january:
tiga - sexor
the gossip - standing in the way of control
kaos - hello stranger
stereolab - plastic mile/i was a sunny rainphase
britney & justice - me against the music
things that go 'pop'

and then:
new albums by peaches, YYYs, ellen allien and apparat... YAY!

going to have a nap now.

Thursday, 29 December 2005

sienna: pioneer

front cover of US vogue january 2006 issue. this doesn't mean anything.

Tuesday, 27 December 2005

i heart lists

chief procrastinator writes:

ten albums - i don't have much time for albums these days. who does? i like these ones.
panico subliminal kill
ellen allien thrills
madonna confessions on a dance floor
arcade fire funeral
annie anniemal
fannypack see you next tuesday
modeselektor hello mom
kitsuné maison compilation #1
sons and daughters the repulsion box
le tigre this island

six songs
tomas andersson washing up
chromeo needy girl
tiga you gonna want me
white stripes my doorbell
tegan&sara walking with the ghost
white rose movement love is a number

magazine cover
kate moss does ladylike on cover of vogue september ish

favourite dress
for pamflet launch - the black and white gangham halterneck - yeehaw

bad but good trend
capes darling! oddly priest-like

Monday, 19 December 2005


Every so often I find myself deliciously slumped on Annette's creamy white leather sofa, shouting at the television. The NME chart show is probably on and a bunch of no-hoper indie tramps are unconvincingly miming playing their instruments on screen. This is indie in 2005. Identikit boy bands, shabbily dressed in the best of Urban Outfitters' 'regenerative chic', 'singing' (it's difficult to write anything outside inverted commas these days)in fake cockney accents about weekends and paper rounds and office jobs. The problem is they're all in their thirties, playing at being the britpop bands they idolised in sixth form. Luckily the kids in sixth form right now haven't got a clue about Mansun or Pulp or even Blur and these pathetic 'pop pastiches can get them to spend their pocket money on 'downloading tracks' and pseudo-riotous gigs at the Astoria.

Which brings me neatly onto THE RAKES. oh god. I hate most things about them. their stupidly catchy boring job song, their faux-NHS spex, their shameful London posturings and the rumours about their suburban provenance. THAT SONG. Is it meant to be a satirical comment on the modest aspirations of a generation of hopeless 20-somethings? A tragicomic nursery rhyme about failure and expectation? Did they go to my brothers' college 4 years before the eldest and 10 years before the youngest?

Am I still indie???

And doesn't Alex sound like Jack Skeleton on the new Franz single?

Friday, 16 December 2005

thinking about that tricky office to off licence outfit change...

what to wear to the plan b party tonight?

sam: hmmm, if only you could charge up fairy lights, and make them mobile, like
you can laptops then i would walk around in a regency hoop skirt, each hoop
cunningly adorned with fully-charge 8 hours of battery life fairy lights.
however, with Woolworths being several lightyears behind my visionary
thinking i may have to settle for something from beyond retro instead...


>From: "Anna-Marie Fitzgerald"
>To: "Samantha Jayne Hulston"
>Subject: RE: DO
>Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:37:26 -0000
>Indeed! I'd absolutely forgotten I have to wear clothes on Friday... oh
>I want to sparkle... let me know if you come up with anything xxx
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Samantha Jayne Hulston
>Sent: 14 December 2005 17:15
>To: Anna-Marie Fitzgerald
>Subject: RE: DO
>i think i've just got myself a ticket. oh, now just to
>contemplate the outfit. i wish i was handy with scissors and sticky
>tape. i could make a blue peter here's one i made earlier christmas
>outfit. sam xx

to read...

Laura Barton's Women of the Year...

Thursday, 15 December 2005


I give a quarter of my salary to the government. Ten per cent of the rest goes to Pret at the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street.
At the moment I'm enjoying:
1. chocolate moose (antlers)
2. chocolate croissant
3. chocolate brownie with cappuccino
4. chicken salad bowl
5. blt

Thursday, 8 December 2005

she's my favourite girl: GRAZIA says...

Back to the subject of my on-off favourite magazine again.

This week's ravishing cover girl is keira knightly, sometime west london boho bag lady, most of time pouting red carpet starlet. Inside there's a fascinating interview with her new stylist, whose name I can't be bothered to look up. Ok, the piece is all about how Keira's finally sorted out her look - as in her people are throwing money at this american chick cos they want to get the hot KK some wickedy Oscar-potential roles to match the wickedy Oscar-quality dresses she's been wearing. SIMPLe - tried & tested formula.

What surprised me was a quote from the young lady herself, expressing her love for Roland Mouret's figure-hugging skirts and frocks, explaining that they were simply MADE for 'curvy girls' like her. 'Curvy'?
Keira Knightly must be at most a 'CURVY' size 8. RIIIGht.

I wonder what the results of the 'Reader Shape Survey' in the same issue will come up with.

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

in the bleak midwinter...

...let gay / electro / pop melt your frozen toes in a dancefloor frenzy...

1. the knife 'heartbeats' (rex the dog rmx)
2. annie 'the wedding' (lindstrom rmx)
3. royksopp 'what else is there?' (tWd rmx)
4. chromeo 'needy girl'
5. the like EVERYThING
6. madonna 'push'
7. madonna 'jump'
8. madonna 'future lovers'
9. freeform five 'no more conversations' (richard x rmx)
10. datassette 'stop the message'

just try standing still