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Thursday, 28 July 2005

spread the lovelife with token & lex 260705

token girl @ 93 Feet East
token girl @ 93 Feet East,
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the divine doctor lektroluv...

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

a madonna a day keeps the doctor away is happy to announce the name of the first single off of the new album is called HUNG UP (produced by Stuart Price). The album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, will be released this fall. Stay logged in to for more exciting album news!

i almost DIDN'T play madonna last night. what was i thinking? she is my one and only. i have embraced the news that Stuart Price has produced her forthcoming album. his recent magic-making on the killers' 'mr brightside' and gwen's 'what you waiting for?' confirmed his electroPOP genius and i can hardly wait to hear the new tracks. as a lost for words sports commentator might say, Stuart aka Les Rhythms Digitales aka Jacques Le Cont aka Thin WHite Duke is at the top of his very competitive game.

due to overwhelming public demand

as ever, i spent last night PUSHING BACK MUSIC and TASTE boundaries with the superlative dj lex (setlist here).

q: where's the party?
a: in the dj booth!

set one:
bjork - army of me
scout nibblett - kidknapped by neptune
fannypack - keep on
beastie boys - sure shot
missy elliott - sock it to me
something ronson...
bloc party - helicopter
chicks on speed - we don't play guitars
piney gir - boston
the chalets - feel the machine
stereo total - push it
annie - me plus one
miss kittin - walking in the sunshine
killers - mr brightside (thin white duke rmx)
lcd soundsystem - too much love
tiga - pleasure from the bass

set two:
the faint - your retro career melted
in flagranti - nonplusultra
fannypack - yeah yeah
rhythm king and her friends - i am disco (original)
joy division - she's lost control
eurythmics - sweet dreams
trans-x - living on video
le tigre - deceptacon (dfa rmx)
vitalic - my friend dario
soulwax - ny excuse
lcd soundsystem - losing my edge
madonna - vogue

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Monday, 25 July 2005

Friday, 22 July 2005

'we will still shop because we can't change the world'

while everyone else left their offices early and got the hell home, i hung around the west end. after work i ambled down tottenham court road, by now transformed by police tape into a pedestrianised boulevard and hummed along merrily to kim wilde on my pod.

i was on my way to the ica for a debate on shopping entitled 'She's Gotta Have It'. The esteemed panel comprised Elaine Showalter, writer and critic, and Professor Emerita of English at Princeton University; Alexandra Shulman, editor, British Vogue; Rachel Bowlby, author, Shopping with Freud. helicopters roared over the mall outside the wide open windows, but the speakers just leaned in closer to their microphones and for an hour and a half shopping really was the most important thing in the whole world.

i sat shoulder-to-shoulder with phoebe in self-possessed defiance and listened carefully. there is an idea, Rachel Bowlby said, that throughout modern history, the image of the fashionable woman is a signifier of her Age or in the translated words of Baudelaire, 'The Painting of Modern Life'. this is a validation of the oft-dismissed art of aesthetic image-making. shopping, she explained was a way for women to enter and possess, at least temporarily, urban spaces.

the first department stores were our playing fields, and while i would never condone indulgence in the competitive shopping habits championed by grazia and H*ppy, shouldn't we be allowed to have our fun?

Thursday, 21 July 2005


last year a blissful summer was soundtracked by alter ego's 'rocker', mylo's 'drop the pressure', miss kittin's 'requiem for a hit' and justice vs. simian's 'we are your friends'.

two weeks ago i was hurrying down gordon street on my way to work, blindly listening to electropop music on my pod when i heard a bomb explode. since then all i've heard is sirens on the streets and helicopters overhead.

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

a star is BORN

watch out for pamflet - just cos it's for girls doesn't mean it's nice

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

kat litter if jude and sienna wasn't enough, i woke up to this today.

i don't need to tell you how much eastenders sucks, but kat slater (nee jessie wallace) was the kind of character that simply i could not ignore. with her dyed black layered bob, tumultuous lovelife, troubled past and zoe's revelation last year that her mother 'used to be a goth', everything about her was irresistible. this news has hit me hard. along with suranne jones of corrie fame, her realisation of the young working class woman on screen has changed soap opera history forever. kat is a character i immediately fell in love with, flawed as she was, self-destructive as she proved herself to be over the years. mesmerising on camera, the paps couldn't get enough of jessie either, and in interviews she is intelligent, ambitious and considered.

what worries me is that the bbc have retained her and there are drama series in the pipeline. this doesn't bode well. it's the end of an era. farewell my feline temptress, it was nice knowing you. x

Monday, 18 July 2005

'mother' is not a career option (watch your back)

on hearing the news that jude law has done the unthinkable and finally cheated on the matchless ms miller, i got to thinking about my old incomplete and undeveloped theories on nannies in the public eye.

whether in hollyoaks or hollywood, popular culture is riddled with bad nannies - they want to get their hands on the daddies and kill off the mommies. considering that the nanny is essentially a professional (paid!) mother, there is surely something wrong, even perverse in this portrayal. remember rebecca de mornay as the phantom mother-turned family-sabotaging nanny in classic video shop thriller 'the hand that rocks the cradle'? don't even get me started on 'mary poppins'.

i'm still idealistic enough to want to try to understand why someone would share their private life with tabloid readers and perhaps even more naively to always give the accused the benefit of the doubt. but at jude's (it's all in the name) confession my hope crumbled away like a sodden copy of the screws' sunday magazine that had been left out in the rain.

i'm putting on a brave face today (in the style of sienna miller).

p.s. in the future i will not be blogging about slebs or being drunk. promise.

Friday, 15 July 2005

spread the lovelife

thanks to everyone who made it dahn on tuesday, especially to the delightful duo emila strange and mmmeltdown. i was persuaded to lose the sindy (sad indie) i had all lined up to play (interpol, siouxsie, smiths, bloc party) and bring on the party that m&em had so thrillingly started. well, as close as you can get to a party on a tuesday night ('tuesdays are the new fridays, saturdays and sundays!' considering that sunday afternoons alone are the new friday nights, this is an almighty and ambitious claim indeed).

i can't remember what i played. new (for me) things were:

the chalets - 'feel the machine'
the faint - 'your retro career melted'
soho dolls - 'stripper'
sons and daughters - 'hunt'
ladytron - 'sugar'

and lots lots more