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Wednesday, 24 August 2005

my so-called lovelife part II

kisses to kitty xxx a technically perfect and sonically sumptuous set... please come again!

TG set 1:

hong kong garden - siouxie
the priscillas - rip up your photograph
hole - awful (god have mercy on the soul of...)
gwen - the real thing
b & s - lazy line painter jane
arcade fire - power out
sons and daughters - medicine
the strokes - hard to explain
piney gir - que cera cera/girl
annie - greatest hit
peaches - inch
chicks on speed - eurotrash girl
avenue d - do i look like a slut?
kylie - slow (chems rmx)
the neon judgement - fashion party
new order - bizarre love triangle
the white stripes - my doorbell
smokey robinson & the miracles - heard it through the grapevine
roots manuva - witness
dizzee vs vitalic - i luv ponies
fannypack - keep on

TG set 2:

le tigre - i'm so excited
hole - celebrity skin
the clash - train in vain
panico - que pasa wey/transpira lo
von iva - soulshaker
lcd soundsystem - tribulations
pet shop boys - west ends girls (dj hell rmx)
ada - our love never dies
princess superstar - coochie coo
bloc party - banquet
soulwax - etalking (nitetime)
spektrum - kinda new
tomas andersson - washing up (tiga rmx)
ellen allien - magma
madonna - music
missy elliott - lose control (TWD rmx)
trans-x - living on video
madonna - get into the groove
justice vs simian - we are your friends
killers - mr brightside

tour through london's tourist hotspot and then home... zzzzzzzzz

Monday, 22 August 2005

my new favourite bands

i spent the weekend becoming a born-again gindie (indie girl).

three nights on three dancefloors being unashamedly indie and shaggy haired with one ear on the dj and one eye on the bar.

1. thurs: cocadisco at the social - richard x and I-F spin italodisco and miami vice-esque soundtracks to an in the know crowd. by in the know i mean heard it all before.

2. fri: annie mac presents... at fabric - the first time i'd seen AM dj and she doesnt let me down. her set comprises friendly techno and gorgeous electro. annette and i debate the pros and cons of licking mylo's neck while he's waiting for a drink in front of us. i talk her out of it and he eventually makes it to the dj booth unharmed - or unblessed, depending on your opinions on random pop star interference.
anyway, he's good, but we're almost squeezed out of fabric's wee room by the raving crews...

3. sat: kill all hippies at the scala - the venue is overpriced and overstyled and the night is still, er, 'finding itself' personality-wise, but there's no denying that they do know how to pick 'em when it comes to hot live acts. for a start we have the corrupt cultural betrayers, australian trio the grates. they err on the glam side of punk rock n roll and are my new favourite band. i have no idea what that girl is saying.
NEXT i witness part-time ash and part-time songstress (which i've not finalised my opinion on btw) Charlotte Hatherley djing with (why???) Mark 'Enemy' Beaumont. i want to go and ask her what her weirdest ever gift from a fan was but my concerned chums advise NO. charlotte is from harrow and is very talented.
NEXT the white rose movement. singer is bad parody of ian curtis on stage - a 'reference' - ok, less reference, more impersonation - a point acknowledge by the dj who chooses to follow their set with 'radio, live transmission....'
in spite of this confusing appearence, they're hot to trot. love'em.

all for now.

ps. do the links yourselves you lazies.

Friday, 19 August 2005


you can do a lot of things in two years. learn to drive, do your a-levels (or whatever they're called now), make and release an album (madonna et al), found and establish a brand new magazine (plan b)...

over the past two years i've averaged one blog a week, which seems rather pitiful at first glance, but if you think about it, i do work with quality NOT quantity in mind and compared to say, Grazia (a new one every week) or the News of the World (again, just one a week and nothing much to read) my productivity levels are really nothing to be ashamed of.

so, two short years and over one hundred blogs, big and small, young and old, pointless and pointed, i hope you'll join me in raising a glass in the hope for one hundred more. to the future... and beyond!


Tuesday, 16 August 2005

i feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes.

today was too good to be true. madonna galloping gracefully into middle age... when my mother told me the news i had a flashback to 31 august 1997, but thank god, it was nothing as serious as that. as i type, bbcnews24 tells me that she has been released from hospital with some broken bones - she's lived through worse.
all i can do is suggest that mine and kitty's sets on tuesday will be dedicated to her speedy recovery.
much love x


I went to New York
I had a dream
I wanted to be a big star
I didn't know anybody
I wanted to dance
I wanted to sing
I wanted to make people happy
I wanted to be famous
I worked really hard
and my dream came true.

Monday, 15 August 2005

spin spin sugar

it's dark, and camden is hot.
isn't it funny to be here, dancing to this?

i stumble across a carpet that has absorbed britpop and nu-metal to the bar that has seen through lager shandies and babyshams, cider and vodka-apple juices. i buy a coke and promptly splash it down my shins. tanned legs don't look half bad, especially in the dark.

where is alex? ok, so much love for alex. and there's marianna in classic little black dress - love love love. what is this song? and what is that?

our new royalty, blu-tacked to the paint careless and carefree: cheryl, maggie and gwen - mid-20th century housewives by name, early 00s vixens by nature. i put one hand on the wall to keep myself steady and begin to slowly peel away maggie with the other. she's coming home with me. i slip her into my bag and disappear into the hot dark london night...

Friday, 12 August 2005

where is the lovelife?

token girl in overdrive! good news from the east end - token girl is back at 93 feet east this autumn. the following dates HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED:

23 August
6 September
20 September
4 October

Thanks to everyone's favourite Ironing Maiden for a set that bruised my benicassim-beaten ears into blissful, um, bliss.

the next party *should* feature a debut set from the infamous MISS KITTY not to be confused with the famous Miss Kittin - I can't wait!

Sunday, 7 August 2005

hola de benicassim

estoy en benicassim por FIB. hay mucho vodka y musico. me gusta mucho el sol. no es como un festival ingles, por ejemplo, no hay agua en el sielo. hay duchos en el camping, gente hermosa y muchas sonrisas.

he visto peaches, larry tee y otros luminarios del escenario electroclash. pienso que los alemanes lo hace mas bien.

es todo por ahora.