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Thursday, 27 April 2006

going to any festivals this year?

i wanna go to the exit festival. you know why? cos dog eat dog are playing! i'm not messing wit you. seriously. remember, from the early 90s? rad.


omg. the man in the ipod shop has just declared little pink thing dead. ipods: the ultimate consumer item; the pinnacle of capitalism. i wanted to get help. i'd waited. i'd procrastinated. i thought it might get better.
'let me have a look at it,' he demanded under the harsh glare of minimalist fluro lighttubes.
'um, i can tell you what's wrong with it - it FELL ON THE FLOOR. it has a BIG DENT IN IT.'
'we don't repair them. you can't open them up, you see,' he explained, detecting the scent of desperate consumer loss in the air, 'we can replace it for you - they cost £122.'
'riiiight. and how much does an ipod nano cost?'
'riiiight. ok, i'll leave it then.'

niall: if you're reading this, i'm sorry. fucking sorry.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

pamflet at the london zine symposium

more pamflet
more pamflet,
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...last saturday, in spite of ragingly inappropriate hangovers, phoebe, nick (illustrations exhibited behind!!) and i turned out, as promised at the london zine symposium.
don't ever let me hear you say pamflet doesn't keep it real.

Monday, 10 April 2006

ever wondered what happens when...

something gets caught in an escalator?

i got my wheely trolley trapped in the down escalator heading towards the charing x branch of the northern line this morning at euston. part of the metal frame got trapped between steps as the stairs slid into the floor and i panicked. luckily some trusty american tourists came to the rescue and kicked le trolley out of the way, by which time i'd mananged to infuriate streams of commuters on their descent into the underground ('getouttatheway!!' etc). i very graciously thanked the tourists for their help ('you're welcome ma'am' ma'am!!!) and cursed everyone else. bad, but slapstick start to the week.

Sunday, 9 April 2006

token mix for spring oh-six

1. shannon - let the music play
2. similou - all this love
3. phoenix - if i ever feel better
4. hot chip - over and over
5. new order - bizarre love triangle (richard x mix)
6. the knife - silent shout
7. telex - how do you dance?
8. sasse feat. kiki - loosing touch
9. sharon phillips - want 2 need 2 (trentmoller mix)
10. modeselektor - silikon
11. coburn - give me your love
12. donna summer - i feel love
13. mish mash - speechless (king unique mix)
14. altern 8 - infiltrate 202

Thursday, 6 April 2006

what are you looking at?

By 2003
By 2003,
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how we read now

another reading survey published in the guardian today. i do love these lists, even if they've taken only a small sample of readers. This one is particularly revealing, as it confirmed that men are not our main consumers of fiction, yet they dictate what we read (publishing world) and value in our books (literary awards).
I do have to take issue with some of Prof Jardine's points though. Our most influential literary editors are female - Erica Wagner at the Times, Claire Armistead & Annalena McAfee at the Guardian and Jane Mays and Susie Dowdall at the Daily Mail and the industry's most influential book buyer is Caroline Ridding at Tesco.
What I thought was interesting was the number of translated works in the top 20 - 5 altogether - remarkable considering that british schools and universities are notorious for ignoring foreign (non-english) texts in their literary curriculums. but then we do study English Literature. i'm going to survey my male friends now to see what they come up with.

In other news, Annabel has recommended this site to me - super cute! I've flickr'd Yuko's vision of American Life-era Madonna above.

Tuesday, 4 April 2006

minute of silence.

time for me to be serious for a moment.
john mcgahern, ireland's greatest novelist passed away last week. me, mum and aunt peggy went to hear him talk about his 'memoirs' on the South Bank last year and there was no sign then of just how ill he was. his publisher, faber have a tribute site up at the moment. try 'amongst women' and move on to the autobiography.

reading list

another article on the fascinating world and wardrobes of the glossies' underpaid fashion assistants, this time in the sunday telegraph's stella magazine. i'm just jealous, cos i really want to be interviewed for a piece on
publishing publicity assistants, the glamourous world of.

mag assassin:
1. what is up with elle magazine??? admittedly, i am a subscriber, but i obviously (and happily!) don't fit their skewed idea of a demographic. last month it was christina aguilera on the cover. this month it's p*ris hilton, who the interviewer quite patently loathes, but manages to hold her tongue just enough to extract a few 'outrageous!!' exclamations from the vacant-eyed valley girl.
2. the article by the sloaney girl transplanted to primrose hill to stalk indie boys was completely mystifying. she moonlights at club nme and the barfly when she's not sipping bellinis or eating chic cuisine at her chums' pads on the 'hill. i mean, girls only ever go to gigs or indie clubs (how 90s) to check out the boys, anyway, cos we're all listing to waily girl rock on our ipods right now - that or The Bridget Jones of Podcasting - whoppee!!!! ok.

'hormone rock' in the sunday times style magazine. a complete waste of paper. come on girls, you can do better than that! if i'm not mistaken, dido has been bothering us for about 5 years and as for Fiona Apple and Beth Orton... what?

and something actually worth reading: kira cochrane on feminist bloggers from last friday's guardian.

Monday, 3 April 2006

there goes my hero

originally uploaded by small town flirt.
check out the centre polaroid - karen o is reading and SMILing at the pamflet fashion piece in the last issue of plan b. cannot believe this. yesterday was best day ever - in terms of sunday times and karen o photo.