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Friday, 3 February 2006

baa baa black sheep

i find myself this morning fighting the urge to run out of the office and down to oxford street to kit myself out in the HOT but cold outfit of the moment. That would be the black alice band, paul smith shades, classic trenchcoat, black tee and skinny trews that kate moss has been pictured wearing on her whirlwind london visit this week. have to force self NOT to be taken in by this 'casual crim chic'. for a start a black alice band would be rendered pointless in my darkish hair, a cotton trench ain't gonna keep me warm when the chaffeur's not waiting for me outside and the sun really isn't shining, so i'm not about to start crusing tubes with shades on.

I AM STRONG WOMAN. no kate-aping for me. maybe i get a white alice band?

does anyone believe this story??

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