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Friday, 15 July 2005

spread the lovelife

thanks to everyone who made it dahn on tuesday, especially to the delightful duo emila strange and mmmeltdown. i was persuaded to lose the sindy (sad indie) i had all lined up to play (interpol, siouxsie, smiths, bloc party) and bring on the party that m&em had so thrillingly started. well, as close as you can get to a party on a tuesday night ('tuesdays are the new fridays, saturdays and sundays!' considering that sunday afternoons alone are the new friday nights, this is an almighty and ambitious claim indeed).

i can't remember what i played. new (for me) things were:

the chalets - 'feel the machine'
the faint - 'your retro career melted'
soho dolls - 'stripper'
sons and daughters - 'hunt'
ladytron - 'sugar'

and lots lots more

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