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Tuesday, 19 July 2005

kat litter if jude and sienna wasn't enough, i woke up to this today.

i don't need to tell you how much eastenders sucks, but kat slater (nee jessie wallace) was the kind of character that simply i could not ignore. with her dyed black layered bob, tumultuous lovelife, troubled past and zoe's revelation last year that her mother 'used to be a goth', everything about her was irresistible. this news has hit me hard. along with suranne jones of corrie fame, her realisation of the young working class woman on screen has changed soap opera history forever. kat is a character i immediately fell in love with, flawed as she was, self-destructive as she proved herself to be over the years. mesmerising on camera, the paps couldn't get enough of jessie either, and in interviews she is intelligent, ambitious and considered.

what worries me is that the bbc have retained her and there are drama series in the pipeline. this doesn't bode well. it's the end of an era. farewell my feline temptress, it was nice knowing you. x

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