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Monday, 18 July 2005

'mother' is not a career option (watch your back)

on hearing the news that jude law has done the unthinkable and finally cheated on the matchless ms miller, i got to thinking about my old incomplete and undeveloped theories on nannies in the public eye.

whether in hollyoaks or hollywood, popular culture is riddled with bad nannies - they want to get their hands on the daddies and kill off the mommies. considering that the nanny is essentially a professional (paid!) mother, there is surely something wrong, even perverse in this portrayal. remember rebecca de mornay as the phantom mother-turned family-sabotaging nanny in classic video shop thriller 'the hand that rocks the cradle'? don't even get me started on 'mary poppins'.

i'm still idealistic enough to want to try to understand why someone would share their private life with tabloid readers and perhaps even more naively to always give the accused the benefit of the doubt. but at jude's (it's all in the name) confession my hope crumbled away like a sodden copy of the screws' sunday magazine that had been left out in the rain.

i'm putting on a brave face today (in the style of sienna miller).

p.s. in the future i will not be blogging about slebs or being drunk. promise.

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