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Tuesday, 14 June 2005

the love doctor

dr lektroluv is the elusive dj behind the greatest series of electro compilations ever assembled by human hand and ear.

physically dr lektroluv is a cartoonish vision that is part-Kryton, part-Incredible Hulk (more of this later). he has evolved from blank-faced robot to planet-saving, universe-conquering spaceman over the six collections, demonstrating his superhero strength-sized dj dexterity.

in Spring 2002 the seminal LEKTROLUV compilation was released, showcasing a spot-on mix of I-F, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Hell, Felix the Housecat and more. it was the soundtrack to a blissful summer, and i still play these songs now. i danced to them on carefree monday nights at trash, in the sun at sonar, in my bedroom...

dr luv's talent is to mix n match tunes from electro's infancy alongside tracks that are hot off the programmer to make them sound exactly as they should do. it's not just putting songs in order. i mean, any old ipod can shuffle tracks, but making them into something new is another (luv) story.

smalltownflirts: if anyone wants a copy then email me - of course you can't buy them anymore...

needlesstosay i am in lektroluv.

listening to: 'so jealous' - tegan & sara; 'i am disco' - rhythm king and her friends; 'elektrik planet' - dr lektroluv
reading: 'snakes and earrings' - hitomi kanehara; revolution for girls magazine

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