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Thursday, 8 December 2005

she's my favourite girl: GRAZIA says...

Back to the subject of my on-off favourite magazine again.

This week's ravishing cover girl is keira knightly, sometime west london boho bag lady, most of time pouting red carpet starlet. Inside there's a fascinating interview with her new stylist, whose name I can't be bothered to look up. Ok, the piece is all about how Keira's finally sorted out her look - as in her people are throwing money at this american chick cos they want to get the hot KK some wickedy Oscar-potential roles to match the wickedy Oscar-quality dresses she's been wearing. SIMPLe - tried & tested formula.

What surprised me was a quote from the young lady herself, expressing her love for Roland Mouret's figure-hugging skirts and frocks, explaining that they were simply MADE for 'curvy girls' like her. 'Curvy'?
Keira Knightly must be at most a 'CURVY' size 8. RIIIGht.

I wonder what the results of the 'Reader Shape Survey' in the same issue will come up with.

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