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Wednesday, 21 September 2005

THE story of 2005... WHO SHOT KM?

the truth is out (so there):
smalltownflirt has got its mitts on a top secret report which suggests that a conspiracy is at the bottom (nostrils) of this week's painstakingly plotted demolition of pedastal-based fashion goddess and all-round icon kate moss.

the leaked memo suggests that the mole behind the Cocaine Kate video is in fact one of arch rival Sienna Miller's people, planted in order to obtain the damning drugs footage, thereby ousting Moss and placing Miller firmly at the top of the tabloids' style chart. spies at chanel and h&m's respective headquarters inform us that both companies already have sienna's portfolio on file and her number set on speed dial.

'over the summer months Miller's team has been exposed as both cunning and ruthless,' commented evil pr genius maximus clifford yesterday, 'their work, particularly on the Judas-Nanny farce was nothing short of ground-breaking. they will teach this campaign in pr school.'

'Sienna (who is 23), with temperance, youth and talent quite clearly on her side, is part of a group which is obviously being groomed to replace the much-maligned and rather bored primose hill set,' confirmed our source, 'she's mates with Keira, Orlando... who wants Hampstead when you can have Hollywood?'

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