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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

everybody wants to be a dj

last friday night when i would usually be following on my post-work dinner and drinks with a disco, i instead went home to witness the disco, on-screen, courtesy of the brothers dewaele. part of the weekend never dies wasn't a bad motto for me to live by once upon a time - and only temporarily - but soulwax did it for about 2 years, playing gigs by day, djing by night and doing their rock-rave thing the rest of the time. yeah they're old, but in their new, hmm... documentary? (don't want to do a play on words for that one) they are throughly aged in the white jeans and polo tees> that's the night version of their stage-wear. not that it matters. if they're old, (like their contemporaries featured here: lcd, tiga, erol), then the wobbly, careless youth of their audiences brings the average age of the cast down a generation or so.
structured around the playlist of their always-played, recycled anyminutenow/niteversions, i'm thrown back in the pit at fabric, glastonbury, canvas (RIP) and SONAR this summer for KRACK, ny excuse... not bored, just thrilled, again unashamedly. soulwax wouldn't go away. we moaned about their bad parties - the easter overload in kings x when everything broke and everyone had to q, even to get home, but they deserve this extended mtv interview. the only proper document of the electro-trash scene committed to serious celluloid. NY excuse to listen to soulwax again.


kim said...

Got here through Style Bubble!

I saw that "documentary" too, a bit repetitive though, and annoying "videoclip" editing. Those white jeans they're wearing are tailor made smokings from Café Costume, but they've failed to impress it seems :)

Anonymous said...

hey, where can i get your magazine pamflet?x

anna-marie said...

hi v, go to our and in the about me bit there's a paypal button which let's you pay £2 for the new issue (#9).

kim - yeh it's a bit repetitive and cut up for people with low attention spans but that's a bit like their music! thank you for the jeans-facts x