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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


1. the stars of the epoch-defining fin de siecle electroclash movement are finally getting their celebrity dues in the form of designing their own collection for h&m. uh kind of. tiga AND chicks on speed have contributed hoodie and vest templates respectively to raise money for aids charities - i was speechless (even though i didn't have anyone to talk to) when i saw the rails of 'clash fash inside the doors of h&m oxford circus - most people are going to assume that CHICKSONSPEED is just another lame faux rocknroll logo from the h&m dodgy wholesale division. but that's not the point - all for a good cause! and it's reassuring to know that the chix are still in business (well there's another girl monster out soon anyway) and that tiga is keeping busy in between podcasts and existential crises brought on by listening to too much mnml.
2. STOP PRESS!! tiga has done a spesh itunes podcast for it which i can't access because it crashed my computer! i've only just tired of listening to his podcast #4. 'i wish i could reverse edit bits of my life.'
3. this is true.
4. and makes me think that i can't wait for this...

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