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Wednesday, 18 October 2006


a-m n lee
a-m n lee,
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i first went to fabric in december 1999. fat boy slim was headlining at the monthly friday bugged out meets boutique party. it was insane. i haven't seen room 2 as rammed since. it was like, you couldnt wave your hands in the air like you just didnt care cos your hands were stuck to your sides. so now everyone's hating on fabric, but there's a reason it keeps getting the best lineups and neverending qs each week...
some favourite fabric memories:
1. roger sanchez room 2: 7-hour set may 2001: another chance.
2. miss kittin room 1: may 2004 green lazers and an early airing of that summer's anthem - rocker. my 30-something irish cousin and her yummy mummy chums from east dulwich were so chuffed to be in fabric & ON THE GLIST that i think we made their year.
3. one night in DTPM: polysexual eclecticism in june 2001. raveraverave.
4. vitalic & soulwax nites: september 2005 - just before we got really really sick of them. EVERYone was there.

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