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Friday, 18 August 2006

summer is over and all we are is apart. the nights are so cold now without you in my heart

i watched magic tv's 20 steps to madonna (i know that doesn't make sense) chez laura, with the lovely net, sof, liz and hannah among the esteemed dinner guests. conversation inevitably turned to a-level results day, as anet and i recalled a magnificent, if somewhat intimate evening in 1999 that serves as a kind of mini-prophecy of our future selves...

i got a new pink pod machine last week and haven't had much time to update the darned thing. however, although this means that i've only got about 20 songs on the wee fellow (it's the size of a lipstick - or a lighter! cuuute), they're all really corny and fabulous and make me wanna do bad indie dancing on the tube.

these are my hott ones:

mariah carey - always be my baby
peter, bjorn & john - young folks
le tigre - l'eau de bedroom dancing
similou - all this love
we are scientists - this scene is dead
long blondes - weekend without make-up
texas - halo
razorlight - in the morning

ok, so in between these i'm listening to tigarah (as recommened by annabel) and spank rock. a sublime contrast...

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