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Thursday, 27 April 2006


omg. the man in the ipod shop has just declared little pink thing dead. ipods: the ultimate consumer item; the pinnacle of capitalism. i wanted to get help. i'd waited. i'd procrastinated. i thought it might get better.
'let me have a look at it,' he demanded under the harsh glare of minimalist fluro lighttubes.
'um, i can tell you what's wrong with it - it FELL ON THE FLOOR. it has a BIG DENT IN IT.'
'we don't repair them. you can't open them up, you see,' he explained, detecting the scent of desperate consumer loss in the air, 'we can replace it for you - they cost £122.'
'riiiight. and how much does an ipod nano cost?'
'riiiight. ok, i'll leave it then.'

niall: if you're reading this, i'm sorry. fucking sorry.

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