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Monday, 2 January 2006

dawn of an era

new year's eve ended when i passed out in leopard print at 7 o'clock this morning - in my own bed, surprisingly. thanks to phoebe&nick and kt&jack&rich for providing the venues for an evening of thoroughly fun-filled celebration. it was scary to realise that we have NOW entered the late noughties, and we're all reaching our mid-twenties (some are already there) and what have we done? and are we running out of time? so that's what i was mainly talking about. i think. a lot. everyone had picked up their litre bottles of smirnoff which every supermarket was selling on special offer and we were popping cava and champagne at midnight and ran outside with laura's thoughtfully-remembered sparklers and shivered when it started to rain on us. phoebe was really bad and smoked a sneaky american cigarette. a couple of hours later me, richard&emma and jp were chauffered off in laura's fabulous wee car with fancy satnav to guide us thro the City streets. to k/j/r's place. it was messy.
good-natured spats were erupting around around the 'dj booth' which was a laptop perched on the dining table. i think. datassette played his 'stop the message' at least 4 times, due to popular demand. then anna-babe played from her mp3 player and we all danced and talked rubbish and hugged and fell around the floor and all loved each other very much. somehow me l&jp left to go to the dolphin on mare st where her bro was hosting a party but the bouncer wouldn't let us in. which was probably a good thing as far as i was concerned... drinking for 12 hours? hell. so i missed the family dinner this evening. getting out of bed didn't seem like a very good idea.

absent friends:
redmond - saving lives
natalie - cooking a delia roast for simon and herself
anet - bruised and drunk somewhere in the alps
kitty - playing safe somewhere in NW
bates - bournemouth bash

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