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Monday, 22 August 2005

my new favourite bands

i spent the weekend becoming a born-again gindie (indie girl).

three nights on three dancefloors being unashamedly indie and shaggy haired with one ear on the dj and one eye on the bar.

1. thurs: cocadisco at the social - richard x and I-F spin italodisco and miami vice-esque soundtracks to an in the know crowd. by in the know i mean heard it all before.

2. fri: annie mac presents... at fabric - the first time i'd seen AM dj and she doesnt let me down. her set comprises friendly techno and gorgeous electro. annette and i debate the pros and cons of licking mylo's neck while he's waiting for a drink in front of us. i talk her out of it and he eventually makes it to the dj booth unharmed - or unblessed, depending on your opinions on random pop star interference.
anyway, he's good, but we're almost squeezed out of fabric's wee room by the raving crews...

3. sat: kill all hippies at the scala - the venue is overpriced and overstyled and the night is still, er, 'finding itself' personality-wise, but there's no denying that they do know how to pick 'em when it comes to hot live acts. for a start we have the corrupt cultural betrayers, australian trio the grates. they err on the glam side of punk rock n roll and are my new favourite band. i have no idea what that girl is saying.
NEXT i witness part-time ash and part-time songstress (which i've not finalised my opinion on btw) Charlotte Hatherley djing with (why???) Mark 'Enemy' Beaumont. i want to go and ask her what her weirdest ever gift from a fan was but my concerned chums advise NO. charlotte is from harrow and is very talented.
NEXT the white rose movement. singer is bad parody of ian curtis on stage - a 'reference' - ok, less reference, more impersonation - a point acknowledge by the dj who chooses to follow their set with 'radio, live transmission....'
in spite of this confusing appearence, they're hot to trot. love'em.

all for now.

ps. do the links yourselves you lazies.

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