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Monday, 11 April 2005

art star

giselle's* final show opened at the royal college of art on thursday. intriguingly called 'do not interrupt your activities', it promises to showcase
works by visual and performance artists who reflect on the social, cultural and political frameworks that shape the way we act. Some artists adopt or parody the mechanisms of contemporary democracy (the discussion group, the lecture, the symposium, the workshop). Others intervene directly in the structures and conventions of society. These artists’ gestures, whether anarchic, poetic, optimistic, subversive, cynical or introspective, invite us to take a second look at what appears familiar and what we take for granted. From the solipsistic to the more politically engaged, the artists present acts that assert their own voice or offer other voices a platform.

I can't wait to see it...

*giselle is besotted with shoes. if the way she chooses her outfits is any indication of how she judges art, this show is going to delight and inspire. x karaoke girl!

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