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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

it's indie rock'n'roll for me

I'm far too old and disinterested to start entering NME-letters page (it's not called angst anymore) duels. But this article really hit me where it hurts. Torn between the melodic indie summercore of the Killers and the irresistibly shallow posing of the Bravery, I let my mind be made up on the dancefloors of indie London over the holiday weekend. The truth is that the Bravery are over-exposed and, when you pick away that impeccable electro-indie-goth veneer there's nothing there. No transvesite exes, no suitcases in the doorway, champagne in the parlour or whatever Brandon's singing about on this one, just half-arsed ripoff songs. Still have the hots for them though, innit.


BRANDON FLOWERS has branded THE BRAVERY as imitators of his band THE KILLERS.

Talking to MTV, the singer claimed that bands like The Bravery have only been signed on the back of The Killers’ success, and questioned the New Yorkers’ musical motivation.

"Look at a band like The Bravery. They're signed because we're a band," Flowers declared. "I've heard rumours about [members of] that band being in a different kind of band, and how do you defend that? If you say, 'My heart really belongs to what I'm doing now,' but you used to be in a ska band. I can see The Strokes play or Franz Ferdinand play and it's real, and I haven't gotten that from The Bravery. I think people will see through them."

Flowers also explained that fellow bands are not the only ones trying to benefit from The Killers’ success, revealing that the band’s old drummer is now suing him.

The old sticksman wrote Flowers a "a really terrible e-mail" claiming to have written ‘Mr Brightside’.

"This guy who was in my band a long time ago is trying to sue us," he said. "We wrote 'Mr Brightside' a long, long time ago, when we had a different drummer. He had nothing to do with it, but his wife is a lawyer, so she just sent a letter to our lawyer. Wow. You always hear about people coming out of the woodwork once you get big, but this is ... wow."

The Killers are now planning a US tour, but have confirmed they have been working on new material.

"One new song is called 'Where Is She', it's got a great feel, some great harmonies on it. We didn't do enough harmonies on our first album, so you're gonna hear more of that on the second album — those Police-esque harmonies," Flowers explained. "And we're playing other new songs — 'Higher And Higher', 'Daddy's Eyes', 'It's Only Natural' — that will make it onto the second album. You can't drift too far off the first record, but these songs are what the new album will sound like. A bit more organic, with organs and pianos. We don't want to be 'that [synth] band' forever. We'll let someone else be that."

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