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Saturday, 4 October 2003


believe in me, i believe in you

(not the blog) Small Town Flirt #1 (autumn) – the nothing to say issue (print)

(about) Small Town Flirt is apathetic, un-ambitious, anxious, pretentious,
frightened of taking itself too seriously but would never say so … [those who
reveal that they don’t take themselves too seriously shouldn’t have too. STF
will never repeat that it doesn’t want to be taken seriously for fear of people
thinking that it’s too worried about what people think…]

In this way it is also a reaction against all those Bad Things and challenges
what our generation has come to represent. I once wrote about THE FIRST women OF
THE 21st CENTURY. I'm going to again. In the long term (you know how long
'nothing to say' took to materialise? well, longer than that) I am aiming to put
together a commentary on how young women are presented in (blahblah) The Media.
It often seems to me that the most overrepresented and overexposed section of
the population have little to do with how they are presented by the books the
films the magazines the newspapers that exploit their youth and beauty. Really.

STF my little bloid-zine...
bloid-zine: part [ta]bloid in its small word-count and reactinary opinions.
part-zine: written in the same DIY staple'n'paste spirit & with the faux-naïveté
of the 'zines of old. let's RIOT.

‘i’d like to thank my stylist’: news report on a new trade union for
coming of age in the public eye: how to become a woman
you're not my mommy
that charming man: pete retires from indie scene (EXCLUSIVE)
michelle on the lost art of letterwriting
small town shirt: nick on cave-painting and charles saatchi
pitch for a column: my letter to various magazine editors asking them to give me
a column
saralee - my style icon: me and sl ‘in conversation’ about clothes.
top 5… videos… songs…actions... indulgent

(how) by the end of this week STF will really really exist. if you want a copy
email me back. most of you know that you'll inevitably have one shoved into your
hand while you're trying to hold a gin&t refrescante and a fag, so not to worry.
everyone else you know what to do.

Anna-Marie Editrix

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